I finally found the pictures from the Elizabeth Street Night Market, a fun filled night on August 25th. The Elizabeth Street Night Market was at Openhouse Gallery 19 Kenmare, with appearances by the Korilla BBQ food truck and vendors ranging from mini cupcakes to banh mi sandwiches to teriyaki balls. Fun night with yummy food and my loving boyfriend!


The first thing we tried were fishballs on a stick,

peking duck wrapped in bun, and Thai iced tea from HK Street Cart. We didn’t want to order too much from HK Street Cart because we wanted to try other food and didn’t want to be too full. The fishballs were yummy (seriously, how can anyone mess up fishballs?) and spicy. The peking duck was super juicy and had so much flavor. The bun was soft and moist. My only complaint was that it was a little small. The thai iced tea was light and refreshing!


The next thing we tried was Teriyaki balls from Mimi and Coco. They came in an order of 6 and we had 1/2 shrimp and 1/2 sausage. Both were equally good! They made the Teriyaki balls in cast iron grill, allowing the Teriyaki balls to be fried on the outside and super gooey on the inside. Then topped with sliced almonds and a blend of their special sauce (I’m assuming it’s teriyaki and maybe honey?). These Teriyaki balls were super good! The shrimp was super juicy and the sausage had so much flavor. These are a must try!


Next was the Korilla BBQ food truck. I ordered a set of 3 tacos and Danny ordered the burrito. For my 3 tacos, I wanted to try each of the meats that were offered, so 1 had ribeye, another had pulled pork, and the last one had chicken. Each taco was topped with tomato salsa, cheese, and kimchi. I don’t really like kimchi because it’s a little spicy but the kimchi added just enough heat to each taco. The tacos were yummy and flavorful but I did enjoy the ribeye the most. It was moist and super flavorful. The chicken was good but a little dry and the pork was really spicy, not my cup of tea. Next time, I would definitely order just the ribeye.


Danny ordered a pulled pork burrito. Had we known how spicy the pork was, we would’ve ordered the ribeye instead. The burrito was really big and definitely filled us up. There was also kimchi, sticky rice, cheese, and tomato salsa throw in there. The burrito was good but after a few bites, my mouth was on fire, so we had to eat in intervals of a few minutes. Overall, the burrito was good but next time, definitely order the ribeye and not the pulled pork (we’re not the biggest fans of super spicy food).


Unfortunately, we were almost full, so we didn’t want to overstuff ourselves with banh mi sandwiches from Justin Wang and the mini cupcakes from Filled with Sweets. Our mouths were on fire from the Korilla BBQ tacos and burrito, so we opted for some shaved ice from the Shaved Ice Shop. They shaved the ice from this huge block of ice right in front of you and you chose 3 different toppings (fruit, cereal, candy, etc…) and a scoop of either mango sorbet or green tea ice cream. We chose mango, kiwi, watermelon, and a scoop of mango sorbet, topped with condensed milk. This was super yummy and cold, especially after eating such hot food on such a hot night. The milk and the ice was just nice, cold and pleasant, while the fruit added nice texture and fresh fruity flavor. The mango sorbet was super good and mango’y.