For D’s group birthday dinner with our best friends, we went to Zum Stammtisch. This place has amazing German food. D and his family have been going here since he was young and he took me in the beginning of our relationship. The food is so homey and simple. If all you eat is meat and potatoes, this place has the best of it all.

For an appetizer, D and I shared the Deutscher Salat. We always order this when we come here but this time, it tasted weird. The salad comes with fresh homemade cucumber salad, carrot salad, beet salad and cabbage salad. Everything tasted great except for the carrot salad. The carrot salad tasted as if they made it with nail polish remover. We didn’t eat much of it and I forgot to take a picture…probably because i was trying to forget the horrid taste of the carrot salad.

 Yaeger schnitzel

D and I always order the Jägerschnitzel. 1 of our best friends also decided on the Jägerschnitzel. Normally, she takes a while to decide on what she wants to order but she didn’t even have to look at the menu this time. The Jägerschnitzel was highly recommended by her future mother in-law. This is probably, if not, the BEST entree at Zum Stammtisch. The veal schnitzel is slightly fried and thin enough to be cut with a butter knife. The home fries with the gravy is so homey and delightful. I am normally not a big fan of mushrooms but I literally eat everything when I order the Jägerschnitzel.


Our other friend serloin steakordered the sirloin steak. The steak was a monster! The steak was a well trimmed pound of meat, “compared to new york’s best.” When they brought out the steak, I thought they needed to bring out a bigger plate because the steak was huge! The sauce was nice and light, and the meat was tender. The sides were mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. I love meat and this steak was amazing! It’s a huge piece of meat that could feed a small family!


Zum Stammtisch

69-46 Myrtle Avenue

Glendale, NY 11385