On a random night out with friends, Danny and I grabbed dinner at Bareburger. Bareburger is a grassfed natural/organic burger joint. Danny ordered the organic beef Roadhouse. The Roadhouse included pepperjack, hass avocado, blackened maple bacon, roasted red peppers, apple smoked onions, tomatillo sauce, and a side of fries. This was actually pretty good and a little different for Danny. The burger had a little kick from the pepperjack and red peppers but was slight sweet from the bacon and onions. The avocado and tomatillo sauce added a little latin kick to it.


I ordered the original burger with bison and a side of cranberry blue salad. The burger was cooked to medium rare and was just perfectly juicy. I’ve never had bison before but it tasted like a gamey beef. I love a good juicy burger with the classic works (lettuce, tomatoes, colby jack, raw red onion and bareburger special sauce). I don’t remember too much about the special sauce but the burger itself was just yummy. The cranberry blue salad had baby spinach, cranberries, danish blue, almonds and apple cider vinaigrette. I love spinach and loved everything in the salad. The cranberries and almonds added a nice crunch and the apple cider vinaigrette was light and sweet.



85 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10002