Danny and I went to La Parma out on Long Island. He’s been there many times with his family and took me there for date night. La Parma is an Italian restaurant that serves everything family style. We ordered fried zucchini stick as an appetizer. They were super crunchy on the outside and moist inside. I love zucchini and this just hit my zucchini spot. The marinara was a little spicy but still rich and yummy! Surprisingly, I thought there could have been more zucchini sticks, since it was family style but the zucchini sticks were good nonetheless.


We also ordered penna a la vodka (my favorite sauce!). Now this was seriously served family style. We had more than enough for leftovers (probably enough to feed a small family). The penne was cooked al dente and the vodka sauce was just delicious! The vodka sauce had pancetta in it, so it gave the sauce a nice meaty taste. The sauce was light, cheesy, and had a faint bacony taste. If I could, I would have penne a la vodka for every meal!


For our main entree, we ordered veal Parmesan family style. Our server cut and served the veal Parmesan before I could take a whole picture of the plate lol The veal Parmesan was good but I’ve had better. The veal was slightly overcooked and tough but it was ok. If the veal was moist, then that would’ve made the entire meal perfect. The marinara and parmesan tasted better than the veal itself. However, the veal parm tasted good with the pasta a la vodka. Next time, we definitely won’t order the veal parm.


La Parma

452 Jericho Tpke

Huntington, NY 11743